The time has come,
Mr. Speaker, that we should say, Mr. Martial Law,
Attention. About turn,
Quick March, go back to your barracks and never come again.

Javed Hashmi, 6th Jun. 1985
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Makhdoom Javed Hashmi is a brave politician who had been put behind the bars because of his blunt political struggle against the military dictatorship. He rose against a despot and Allah blessed him. He embraced success and lived life at every point he fought for democracy. The people had decided to support him and his cause, for throughout his election campaign we had a popular slogan. The slogan was audible and it was forceful:
"Aik bahadur aadmi; javed hashmi, javed hashmi”

General Elections – 2008’ brought laurels for Makhdoom Muhammad Javed Hashmi. His victory is not only a political success but also the reward of his commitment, perseverance, endurance and his political excellence.
He won three out of the four National Assembly seats for which he contested. Javed Hashmi defeated Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed – a very strong political stalwart of the area. He also won from NA-123, Lahore-VI and NA-149, Multan – II.
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